Pillow Inspection Criteria for Staph-Chek Pillows

Staph-Chek Pillows are designed specifically for healthcare environments, where hygiene and durability are paramount. When inspecting these pillows, it’s essential to ensure that they meet specific criteria to maintain safety and comfort for patients and healthcare professionals.

Inspection Criteria

1. Material Integrity

  • Cover Condition:
    • Ensure the vinyl cover is intact without any tears, punctures, or abrasions.
    • Check for any signs of wear and tear that might compromise the spill-proof and waterproof features.
    • Seams and Seals:
    • Inspect the seams and seals for strength and durability.
    • Ensure there are no loose threads or gaps that could allow fluid ingress.

    2. Hygiene and Cleanliness

    • Surface Cleanliness:
    • Verify that the pillow surface is free from stains, dirt, and other contaminants.
    • Ensure it can be easily wiped down and sanitized.
    • Odor Check:
    • Smell the pillow to ensure there are no unpleasant odors, which could indicate contamination or inadequate cleaning.

    3. Comfort and Support

    • Plushness and Firmness:
    • Squeeze the pillow in various areas to ensure consistent plushness and firmness.
    • Check for any lumps or flat spots that could affect comfort.
    • Even Distribution:
    • Ensure the filling is evenly distributed throughout the pillow.
    • Verify that the 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend provides adequate support.

    4. Size Consistency

    • Dimensions:
    • Measure the pillow to confirm it meets the 19x25" size specification.
    • Ensure there has been no shrinkage or deformation over time.

    5. Waterproof and Spill-proof Features

    • Resistance Test:
    • Test the pillow’s waterproof and spill-proof capabilities by applying a small amount of liquid to the surface.
    • Confirm that the liquid does not penetrate and can be easily wiped away.

    6. Labeling and Compliance

    • Label Inspection:
    • Check that the pillow label is intact and legible.
    • Ensure it includes all necessary information, such as material composition and care instructions.
    • Compliance Confirmation:
    • Verify that the pillow meets relevant healthcare and safety standards.


    Regular inspection of Staph-Chek Pillows is crucial for maintaining a hygienic and comfortable environment in healthcare settings. By adhering to these criteria, you can ensure that these pillows continue to provide the durability, hygiene, and comfort that healthcare professionals and patients rely on.

    For more guidance on pillow maintenance or to explore our range of healthcare products, contact us or visit our website.