Dobby Border Color Towels

Introducing Our Premium Towel Collection

Discover the perfect blend of softness, durability, and luxury with our Dobby Border Towel Collection. Crafted from premium quality 16s Ring Spun material, these towels are designed to offer you a superior drying experience every time.

Product Options

Wash/Face Cloth

  • 12x12” – 1 lbs
  • 13x13” – 1.5 lbs

Hand Towels

  • 16x27” – 3 lbs
  • 16x30” – 4.5 lbs

Bath Towels

  • 25x50” – 10.50 lbs
  • 27x52” – 14 lbs
  • 27x54” - 15 lbs and 17 lbs
  • 35x68” – 20 lbs

Bath Mats

  • 20x34” – 9.5 lbs

Why Choose Our Towels?

  • Super Soft Fabrics: Enjoy the tender touch of our ring spun towels, ideal for pampering your skin.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Designed to withstand daily use and frequent washing, our towels maintain their plushness over time.
  • Luxurious Feel: Elevate your bathroom experience with our premium range of towels that spell pure indulgence.

Whether you are looking for hand towels, bath towels, or bath mats, we have the perfect option to meet your needs.

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Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with our Dobby Border Towel Collection. Experience the luxury of premium quality towels delivered right to your door.

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