We carry a wide range of blankets, with Flannel and Thermal Blankets being the most popular choice for Healthcare industry.
Our Fleece Blankets are a must-have for Hospitality and Hotels.


 Flannel Blankets: 

flannel blankets white with multi stripe

Flannel bath blankets, 72x90”, 2 lbs/pce, White with VAT Dyed Stripes, Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend.

Flannel bath blankets, 72x90”, 1.4 lbs & 1.7 lbs/pce, Un-bleached/Natural, Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend.

Flannel bath blankets, 72x90”, 2 lbs/pce, Bleached White, Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend.

Stripe colors: Blue  Gold  –  Multi (Blue/Green)


thermal blankets multi colors

    Leno Weave Thermal Blankets
, 66x90" and 72x90”, 2.20 lbs/pce.
    100% cotton, White, Ivory, Green & Blue






  Snag Free Thermal Blankets, Poly/Cotton 50/50, 66x90” – 2.5 lbs, White    



fleece blankets tan color

Fleece Blankets – 4 sizes, TAN color and Ivory color – Both sides anti-pilling.

100% Polyester

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Twin 66x90"
  • Double 80x90"
  • Queen 90x90"
  • King 108x90"
Introducing Hospitality Blankets—the highest quality, most comfortable bedding for any property. From flannel and fleece blankets to snag-free thermal and leno weaves, our products are designed with your customers in mind.

Our flannel blankets offer natural striped designs that blend easily into any décor while providing maximum warmth and comfort.

The fleece blankets are tan in color, featuring anti-pilling technology to maintain a high-quality look and feel.

Our snag-free thermal blankets are lightweight yet effective in locking in body heat during cold winter nights. As an added bonus, the leno weave blankets promote air circulation while offering softness.

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