Knitted Fitted Sheets

Knitted Fitted Sheets: Blue, Green, White or Gold  colored hem to help your laundry facility differentiate weight

Poly/Cotton 50/50, Bleached white, 36x84x16”

  • 15 ozs - Blue Hem
  • 19 ozs - Green hem
  • 21 ozs - White hem
  • 24 ozs - Gold hem

Waffle Weave, Popcorn Weave – Cotton/Poly, bleached white, 36x84x16” – 23 ozs

Semi - Fitted Sheets - 2 side elastic/2 side open, White with Blue hem – 36x80x15”

Pillow slip – Standard, White - 20x30”

Introducing Knitted Fitted Sheets. Our product line is designed to provide high-quality fitted sheets specifically tailored for medical facilities. We understand the importance of convenience and accuracy while laundering your linens, and our fitted sheets are designed with both in mind.

Choose from our selection of four colors: Blue, Green, White or Gold - each color hemmed sheet will help to accurately differentiate weights for convenience. The poly/cotton 50/50 blend ensures that your sheets are soft and comfortable but also easy to maintain. We have several types of fabrics from bleached white waffle and popcorn weaves weighing 23 ozs, 15-24 ozs depending on the chosen color hem. Semi-fitted sheets come with two side elastic, two side open hem style in white with blue hem totaling 36x80x15”.                                                 
Our pillow slips ensure a great night's sleep as they come in standard sizes measuring 20x30” and are made from light weight white fabric that is soft to the touch without compromising on durability.

If you are interested in more information about us, our products or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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