Bar Mops/Wipes

bar mops blue center stripe
Bar Mops – Full Terry & Ribbed, White
  • 15x18” –  20 ozs
  • 16x19” – 24 ozs, 26 ozs, 28 ozs
  • 17x30” – 32 ozs
Centre Stripe Bar Mops, 16x19” in 24 ozs, 30 ozs and 32 ozs.
  • White with Blue center stripe
  • White with Gold center stripe
  • White with Green center stripe

Bar Mops/Wipes are essential. Our Bar Mops – Full Terry Ribbed White, and three attractive varieties with a unique center stripe to help differentiate between clean and used cloths. Choose from White with Blue center stripe, White with Gold center stripe or White with Green center stripe options for a functional but stylish addition to your work space. Bar mops are easy to care for and designed for durability so you can make them part of your everyday cleaning routine. Upgrade your cleaning supplies today with Bar Mops/Wipes!

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