• 100% Cotton
  • Polyester/Cotton Blended
  • 100% Polyester in Greige Natural
  • Bleached White
  • Dyed Solid Colors and Printed designs. 

Sheeting, Twills 2x1, Drills 3x1, Canvas 4x1, Percale, Satin, Sateen weave ranging from 35" to 120" in bale pack and rolled on tubes (ROT) form.

We are proud to offer our finest selection of fabrics. Our carefully sourced quality fabrics come in a wide range of styles, giving you the perfect material for any project. From 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blends, to 100% polyester in greige natural, bleached whites and dyed solid colors, we have something to suit every style and need.

Our fabrics come in a variety of weaves including sheeting, twills 2x1, drills 3x1 with canvas 4x1, percale, satin and sateen weave ranging from 35" to 120" in bale pack and rolled on tubes (ROT) form. Whether you’re looking for sturdy canvas or lightweight percale fabrics for bedding or curtains, you can be assured that all our products are made from the highest quality materials so they will last longer and maintain their original beauty over time.

Delivery options are available upon request so you can get your fabrics as fast as possible - just call us today to discuss your needs!  With such a comprehensive range of products, choose Marina Textiles as your go-to choice for all your fabric needs.

If you are interested in more information about us, our products or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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