Terry Towels

white terry towels stacked

   Terry Towels
100% Cotton, 10s Towels - Bleached White, Bale pack 

   Wash/Face Cloth: 12x12” – 12 ozs & 1 lb
   Hand Towels: 15x25” – 2 lbs, 16x27” – 2.25 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 2.7 lbs & 3 lbs
   Bath Towels: 20x40” – 4 lbs & 5 lbs, 22x44” – 6 lbs, 24x48” – 7 lbs & 8 lbs
   Bath Sheets: 35x68" – 12.75 lbs, 35x70" – 15 lbs
   Bath Mats: 20x30” – 7 lbs


Introducing Terry Towels from Marina Textiles: a 100% cotton towel available in multiple sizes to meet your everyday needs. These towels are dyed with a bleached white color and are perfect for use in hospitals, as they offer maximum comfort at an affordable price.

Our Terry Towels come in wash/face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats - all of which range in size and weight. Wash/Face Cloths measure 12x12” and weigh anywhere between 12 ozs and 1 lb.

Hand Towel sizes have the options of 15x25” (2-3 lbs), 16x27” (2.25–3 lbs), Bath Towels can be found in 20x40” (4-5 lbs) or 22x44" (6lbs), 24x48” (7-8 lbs).

Bath Sheets weigh between 12.75 to 15 lbs depending on the size; 35x68” or 35x70" respectively. Lastly, our Bath Mats measure 20x30” and weigh 7 lbs each.

Terry Towels assure a perfect balance of affordability without comprising on quality - only achieved by using 100% soft cotton that is sure to make your final purchase super comfy!


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