Shop Towels

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Shop Towels

  • 18x18” Greige un-bleached, 175 lbs/bale
  • 14x15” Washed Natural
  • 18x30” Greige un-bleached, 1500 pcs/bale
  • 14x14” Bleached White
  • 14x14” Red and Blue color


Also known as Printer Towels, they are an essential item for the Automotive  industry. Used for cleaning purposes and
invariably laundered and reused.


Crafted to the highest standards, Shop Towels are perfect for all your cleaning needs. Bringing convenience and professionalism, Shop Towels come in two sizes: 18x18” or 15x15”, meaning you can always find the size to fit your requirements. Manufactured with 100% Cotton, our Shop Towels can be washed and reused again and again.

Clean up with ease know that you’re getting top quality towels while keeping your business looking professional and organized.

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