PPE Products (Non-medical)

Isolation Gown - Poly/Carbon
yellow isolation gown non medical
  • Reusable, Fluid Resistant, Anti-Static
  • 99% Polyester – 1% Carbon
  • Yellow gown, white knitted cuffs
  • Overlap back, twill tie neck & back waist
  • Sweep 60” / Length 48”
  • Up to 75 washes
Isolation Gown - Poly/Cotton
  • Reusable, Washable
  • 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester
  • Yellow color, white knitted cuffs
  • Overlap back, twill tie neck & back waist

Isolation Gown - 100% Polyester
  • Fluid Resistant, Water repellent
  • Yellow
  • One size
  • Sweep 60” / Length 48”
  • 100% Polyester, T250 Thread Count

Disposable Isolation Gown
disposable isolation gown blue color
  • PE Waterproof, Fluid Resistant, Non-sterilization
  • Long Sleeves, BLUE Color


Disposable Face Mask (Non-medical)
  • 17.5x9.5CM 3 -ply
  • Outer layer: Blue non-woven, Filling: Melt-blown
  • Inner layer: White non-woven
  • Master box contains 40 smaller boxes 
  • 50 pieces in each small box – 2,000 pieces total

KN95 Face Mask (Non-medical)
  • 5 layer construction: 2 layers: White non-woven
  • 2 layers: Melt-blown, 1 layer: Hot air cotton
  • Case pack: 5pcs/poly bag, 1,000 pieces total


Face Shield PET Non-Medical

  • Face Shield PET Anti Fog
  • Non-medical, reusable
  • 32x22 cm
  • Adjustable harness, foam strip. Transparent
  • Wipeable, Light-weight

At the forefront of protecting yourself, your staff, and your patients is investing in personal protective equipment (PPE). Our selection of PPE has been created with high-performance materials to keep you safe from liquids and more. Our Poly/Carbon Isolation Gown is made with 99% polyester and 1% carbon, equipped with white knitted cuffs for full coverage along with an overlap back and twill tie neck for comfort. Reusable up to seventy-five washes, this gown will help you stay safe in the long run.

We also offer a Poly/Cotton Isolation Gown that’s 55% cotton and 45% polyester, ideal for those sensitive to certain fabrics. This gown includes all of the same features as the one mentioned above but unlike the Poly/Carbon gown, it isn't anti-static.

Our 100% Polyester Isolation Gown provides maximum protection with its fluid resistant properties; perfect for those working heavily in medical settings. With a T250 thread count, this gown offers superior comfort while ensuring safety at the same time.

Also available is our Disposable Isolation Gown which has PE waterproofing capabilities along with long sleeves and thumb loops, providing additional coverage when needed.

To complete your protection package, we provide both reusable face shields and disposable face masks, so you can choose the right product to meet your needs effectively. Trust us to keep you safe!

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