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Industrial Linens Overview

kitchen bread basket kitchen towel

Bar Mops Full Terry & Ribbed100% Cotton, White and with a colored center stripe. Most commonly used at bars and restaurants for cleaning purposes. Also used by laundry facilities.

Microfiber Bar Mops - Super soft and synthetic, available in 8 colors. Used in Automotive industry as a polishing cloth, as well as for general cleaning purposes.

Shop TowelsThese 100% cotton durable wipes are an excellent choice for the Automotive industry.

Salon Towels - Bleach Resistant Hand Towels in 8 colors for Hair Salons and Beauty Parlors

Bath Robes - Microfiber Coral Fleece and Waffle Weave Kimono bath robes in unisex, one-size-fits all style

Kitchen Linens - Kitchen Towels, Glass Towels, Dish Cloths, Tea Towels, Aprons

Promotional Products - Pillow Cases, Bath Robes, Aprons, Kitchen Towels, Blended Towels to customize with your logo

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