Industrial Linens Overview

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Bar Mops Full Terry & Ribbed100% Cotton, White and with a colored center stripe. Most commonly used at bars and restaurants for cleaning purposes. Also used by laundry facilities.

Microfiber Bar Mops - Super soft and synthetic, available in 8 colors. Used in Automotive industry as a polishing cloth, as well as for general cleaning purposes.

Shop TowelsThese 100% cotton durable wipes are an excellent choice for the Automotive industry.

Salon Towels - Bleach Resistant Hand Towels in 8 colors for Hair Salons and Beauty Parlors

Bath Robes - Microfiber Coral Fleece and Waffle Weave Kimono bath robes in unisex, one-size-fits all style

Kitchen Linens - Kitchen Towels, Glass Towels, Dish Cloths, Tea Towels, Aprons

Promotional Products - Pillow Cases, Bath Robes, Aprons, Kitchen Towels, Blended Towels to customize with your logo

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 An Overview of Industrial Linens

Industrial linens are essential for many businesses, including motels, resorts, salons, spas, hospitals, and automotive facilities. Industrial linens come in a variety of styles and materials to suit the needs of businesses from a variety of industries. Here’s an overview of industrial linens and what sets them apart from other types of linens.

Bar Mops - Bar mops are among the most popular industrial linens and come in two main styles. The full terry bar mop is 100% cotton with a white or colored center stripe. They are commonly used by bars and restaurants for cleaning purposes or by laundry facilities. Microfiber bar mops are also available in 8 colors and can be used for polishing cloths or general cleaning purposes.

Shop Towels – Shop towels are 100% cotton durable wipes that make an excellent choice for the automotive industry. They are also highly absorbent, making them great for wiping up spills quickly and easily.

Salon Towels – Salon towels come in 8 different colors and are designed to be bleach resistant so they won’t fade over time with repeated washes. These towels can add color to any salon while providing customers with a soft towel that feels great on their skin.

Bath Robes – Bath robes come in two styles: microfiber coral fleece or waffle weave kimono bath robes. Both varieties come in unisex sizes so you can provide customers with a comfortable robe that fits everyone who visits your spa or hotel.

Kitchen Linens - Kitchen linens include kitchen towels, glass towels, dish cloths, tea towels, and aprons which can all make life easier for chefs and kitchen staff alike by helping them keep things neat and tidy while they work.

Promotional Products - Promotional products like pillow cases, bath robes, aprons, kitchen towels, and blended towels can also be customized to feature a company logo or design which makes them perfect for promotional giveaways at spas, hotels, motels or hospitals!

Whether you need bar mops for cleaning purposes or salon towels for your spa services, industrial linens offer something for every business from the automotive industry to hospitality industry to medical care facilities . With their high quality materials and wide range of styles available there’s sure to be something that meets your needs! Shop around today to find the perfect industrial linen solution!