Hospitality Overview

We carry a wide selection of Hospitality Linens:

  • Poly/Cotton Sheets in thread counts T180, T200, T250, & T300 in:  
    Flat & Fitted Styles as well as Pillow Cases

  • Microfiber Sheets - Super soft and wrinkle free, perfect for hospitality industry. Flat & Fitted Styles and Pillow Cases

  • Towels - 100% Cotton Terry Towels, Dobby Border Towels, Blended Towels 86/14 Cotton/Poly, ranging from Washcloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Sheets and Bath Mats

  • Salon Towels - Bleach Resistant Hand Towels in 8 colors for Hair Salons and Beauty Parlors.  Color Chart for Bleach Proof Salon Towels 

  • Pool Towels and Cabana Towels - Essentials for Hotels, Resorts, Beach Side Properties and more. 100% Cotton, White with Blue Stripe, or White with Blue/Green/Yellow Stripes

  • Bath Robes - Microfiber Coral Fleece and Waffle Weave Kimono bath robes in unisex, one-size-fits all style

  • Blankets - Fleece, Both sides anti-pilling, Tan Color

  • Duvets & Duvet Covers - Microfiber Polyester or Poly/Cotton blends in multiple colors.

  • Mattress Protectors - Quilted Mattress Protectors in a white color. Fitted style or an anchor band. Also including Quilted Pillow Protectors, as well as Waterproof Mattress Pads.

  • Bed Bug Encasements - A must-have for every hotel. Available in Waterproof and Non-waterproof versions, with a Velcro self-locking zipper.

  • Pillows - All standard sizes in white color, varying in density.

If you are interested in more information about us, our products or anything else, feel free to contact us.

Essential Hospitality Linens for Your Business Needs

Hospitality linens are essential for any business that provides lodging and services, such as hotels, resorts, spas, salons, golf clubs, and hospitals. These linens range from sheets to towels to blankets to duvets and more. Having quality hospitality linens can make a big difference in the customer experience and ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay. Let’s break down the different types of hospitality linens available for businesses.

Poly/Cotton Sheets:
Poly/cotton sheets are one of the most popular types of sheets used in hospitality businesses. They provide superior comfort and durability while still being affordable. Poly/cotton is typically available in thread counts of T180, T200, and T250 in both flat and fitted styles as well as pillow cases. These sheets are perfect for creating a comfortable environment.

Towels are an essential component of any hospitality business as they provide comfort and convenience to your guests. Towels can come in many fabrics including 100% cotton terry cloths, dobby border towels, blended towels 86/14 cotton/polyester, wash cloths, hand towels bath towels, bath sheets and bath mats. Bleach resistant hand towels also come in 8 colors which is great for salons or spas where color coordination is important. Pool towels or cabana towels may also be necessary depending on the type of establishment you run.

Bath Robes & Blankets:
Bath robes are available in microfiber coral fleece or waffle weave kimono styles, which provide a luxurious feel without sacrificing comfort or durability; these robes offer an added level of luxury that your customers will appreciate when they stay with you! Blankets are also essential; fleece blankets offer warmth while still being lightweight enough to carry around conveniently if needed - perfect for those cold winter nights!

Duvets & Duvet Covers:
Duvets and duvet covers come in all shapes sizes colors fabrics etc… all designed to work together so that each guest can find something they like while being sure that their bedding looks neat and tidy throughout their stay! Quilted mattress protectors provide extra protection against spills stains bugs dust mites etc., making them an excellent choice for any hospitality business looking to keep their beds clean and inviting! Bed bug encasements are also important if you want to keep unwanted pests out of your establishment – no one wants creepy crawly surprises during their stay! Finally pillows should be considered – having quality pillows helps ensure that guests get a good night sleep which leads to improved satisfaction rates!

Hospitality linens are essential components of any business providing lodging services such as hotels resorts spas salons golf clubs or hospitals - from sheets to towels blankets duvets quilted mattress protectors bed bug encasements and pillows there's something here for every need! Quality hospitality linens help create a comfortable environment for your guests ensuring satisfied customers who will return time after time - making it well worth investing in high-quality linen options today!