kitchen linen

Bed Sheets - White - Poly/cotton blended and 100% Polyester. All healthcare size flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases in T130, T180 and T200 qualities. Cotton/Polyester blends. 

Terry Towels - 100% Cotton, Bleached White

Knitted Fitted Sheets - 36x84x16" in weight 15 ozs, 19 ozs, 21 ozs and 24 ozs each with color ID hemm

Blankets - Flannel Bath, Thermal Leno Weave and Snag-free blankets, 100% cotton or a Poly/Cotton blend in variety of colors and colored stripes. Also Wool Blankets and Poly/Acrylic Blankets for Prisons and non profit organizations.

Sunrise Herringbone Healthcare Bedspreads - 72x105" in 4 colors, Poly/Cotton Blend

Bed Pads - Under Pads/ Incontinence pads - Quilted, vinyl backing, soaker 

Mattress Protectors - Quilted Mattress Protectors in a white color. Fitted style or an anchor band. Also including Quilted Pillow Protectors, as well as Waterproof Mattress Pads.

Patient Gowns - Blue VAT Dyed and printed 

PPE Products (Non-medical) - Reusable Isolation Gowns, Disposable Isolation Gowns, Disposable Face Masks, KN95 Face Masks, Face Shields

Kitchen Linens - Kitchen Towels, Glass Towels, Dish Cloths, Tea Towels, Aprons

Pillows - Staph check wipeable pillows

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Our Healthcare Linens provide quality and comfort for medical staff, patients, and loved ones, which is why we guarantee the highest quality for all of our products. From bed sheets to terry towels and knitted fitted sheets, you can find a large selection of items to ensure your hospital beds are comfortable and inviting.

Poly/Cotton and Knitted Fitted Sheets:
Our bed sheets are available in white poly/cotton blended fabric and 100% polyester with varying thicknesses. Customers have their choice between T130, T180 and T200 qualities. These top-of-the-line healthcare sheets come with oversized flat sheets that fit any standard mattress—guaranteed satisfaction! Furthermore, our knitted fitted sheets come in a number of different weights and colors, so you can easily customize your equipment according to your needs.

We understand how important it is for patients to feel comfortable while they’re receiving treatment, which is why we only use the finest fabrics in our healthcare linens. Our terry towels are made of 100% cotton and bleached white for extra softness against the skin.

Our Blankets give the patients warmth while protecting them from snags, with their 100% cotton or Cotton/Poly blend construction. We offer a wide range of blankets in thermal, flannel, and snag-free variations to suit any hospital's needs. Our Sunrise Herringbone Hospital Bedspreads come in four different colors, made of a Poly/Cotton blend material that meets all industry standards.

Underpads & Mattress Protectors:
To make sure you have complete bedding coverage available, we carry Bed Pads with quilted design and an absorbent layer with vinyl backing so that the liquid will not seep through. For complete and hygienic protection against spills or accidents, we also offer Mattress Protectors and Waterproof Mattress Pads, both quilted for added comfort.

With our array of offerings you can rest assured that your healthcare facility is outfitted with the best quality care! Our Healthcare Bed Linens provide the perfect combination of comfort and convenience to those who need it most in the healthcare facility environment.