Healthcare Sheets

T-130 Thread Count – 50% Polyester/50% Cotton blend, Bleached White 

Flat Sheets:   54x72” – 54x81” –  54x90” – 66x104” – 66x108’’ – 66x115” – 72x108” – 72x115”
Fitted Sheets:   36x80x9”  –  36x84x9”  –  39x75x9” – 39x80x9”
Pillow Cases:   42x34”


T-180 Percale – 55% Cotton/45% Polyester blend, Bleached White

Flat Sheets:   54x72” – 54x81”  –  54x90” – 66x104” – 66x108’’ – 66x115”  –  72x108” – 72x115”
Fitted Sheets:   36x80x9” – 36x84x9” – 39x75x9”  –  39x80x9” 
Pillow Cases:   42x34"

Keep your patients comfortable with our high-quality hospital bed sheets. We offer two select fabrics of superior quality—T-130 Thread Count Polyester/Cotton blend and T-180 Percale Cotton/Polyester blend. Both styles come in standard hospital bed sizes, including 54x72”, 72x115”, 54x90”, 66x108’’ and more.

All sheets are bleached white for a bright, clean look. Whether you need to provide luxury in nursing homes or comfort for chiropractors, our bedding solutions will give you the best value for your money. Our superior construction combined with soft, easy care fabrics make sure that your patients have a pleasant experience every time they sleep in one of our sheets.

Choose from two fabric options to enhance the comfort and quality of care provided throughout your facility—T-130 Thread Count Polyester/Cotton blend or T-180 Percale Cotton/Polyester blend!

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