Discover the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience with MARINA TEXTILES' Knitted Fitted Sheets

At MARINA TEXTILES, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality products that meet the demanding needs of medical facilities. Our Knitted Fitted Sheets are designed with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that they provide both comfort for patients and convenience for healthcare providers.

Key Features

Designed for Medical Facilities

Our Knitted Fitted Sheets are specifically tailored for use in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We understand the unique requirements of these environments and have crafted our sheets to meet those needs.

Poly/Cotton 50/50 Blend

The poly/cotton blend of our sheets ensures that they are not only soft and comfortable but also incredibly easy to maintain. This blend offers the perfect balance between durability and comfort, making it ideal for frequent laundering.

Color-Coded Hemming

To facilitate efficient linen management, our sheets come in four distinct colors: Blue, Green, White, and Gold. Each color is hemmed for easy differentiation, allowing staff to quickly and accurately identify different weights and sizes, thereby improving the efficiency of your linen service operations.


Comfort and Softness

The poly/cotton 50/50 blend ensures that our fitted sheets are gentle on the skin, providing a comfortable resting experience for patients. The softness of the fabric is perfect for sensitive skin, making it suitable for long-term use in healthcare settings.

Easy Maintenance

Designed with practicality in mind, our fitted sheets are easy to clean and maintain. The poly/cotton blend ensures that the sheets retain their quality even after multiple washes, making them a cost-effective choice for medical facilities.

Efficient Linen Management

The color-coded hemming system simplifies the process of managing and organizing linens. This feature is particularly useful in busy healthcare environments where time and accuracy are of the essence.


Trusted by Healthcare Providers

Our commitment to quality and excellence has made us a trusted supplier for medical facilities. We understand the importance of reliable and durable linens in healthcare settings, and our Knitted Fitted Sheets are designed to meet those high standards.

Exceptional Customer Service

At MARINA TEXTILES, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Our team is always ready to assist you with any questions or needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience.


Invest in the comfort and efficiency of your healthcare facility with MARINA TEXTILES' Knitted Fitted Sheets. Designed with the needs of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes in mind, our fitted sheets offer unmatched comfort, easy maintenance, and efficient linen management.

Upgrade your linen service today and experience the difference that high-quality, well-designed fitted sheets can make. For more information or to place an order, contact MARINA TEXTILES now.