Wool & Poly/Acrylic Blankets

Wool Blankets

  • Twin 62x84" 3.25 lbs
  • 52% Wool / 48% Balance mix fibers, synthetic
  • Gray color
  • Flame Retardant certification ASTM D4151-92 




 Poly/Acrylic Blankets

  • Twin 66x90" 3.5 lbs
  • 55% Polyester / 30% Acrylic / 10% Cotton / 5% Other
  • Gray Color, Blue center stripe
  • Flame Retardant certification ASTM D4151-92 


We have blankets that are perfect for cold weather with either Wool or Poly/Acrylic fabric. Our Wool Blankets are Twin size, measuring 62x84", with a weight of 3.25lbs and made of 52% wool and 48% blend fibers for extra softness.

Our Poly/Acrylic Blankets measure 66x90", weigh 3.5 lbs and includes a blue stripe through the center for some added style. They are also composed of 55% polyester, 30% acrylic, 10% cotton and 5% other materials making them moisture resistant and soft to the touch.

Both types of blankets meet Flame Retardant certification ASTM D4151-92 meaning they're suitable for usage in jails, correctional industries, emergency shelters as well as everyday home comfort use!